Some people say wine is like a flowing kiss. It is not supposed to be just a drink. Just to quench the thirst. Do not use it as a quick drink. It deserves much more than that. Making wine is a science, serving wine is a technique, drinking wine is an art. You are welcome to be artists with us.

Wine by the glass

White wine Misterija 0,15 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)320,00
White wine Pinot Blan 0,15 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)370,00
Rose Kiš 2013. 0.15 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)320,00
Red wine Merlot 0,15 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)320,00
Portugizer 0,15 (Winery Mačak, Irig)370,00

Sparkling wines

Prosecco 0,187 (Masottina, Italy)650,00
Moet&Chandon Imperial 0,75 (Non vintage, Champagne, France) 9800,00
Don Perignon 0,75 (Champagne, France)28000,00

White wines

Bela voda 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)4300,00
Alexandria cuvee 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)2650,00
Misterija 0,75 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)1450,00
Chardonnay 0,75 (Winery Kovačević, Irig)2250,00
Chardonnay Selection 0,75 (Winery Radovanović, Krnjevo)3150,00
Chardonnay 0,75 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)2250,00
Sila 0,75 (Winery Petrovic, Sr. Karlovci)1150,00
Triumf Selection 0,75 (Winery Aleksandrović, Oplenac)3100,00
Sauvignon Blan 0,75 (Winery Belo Brdo, Čerević)2150,00
Sauvignon Blan 0,75 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)2750,00
Mustra 0,75 (Winery Vinum, Sr. Karlovci)2250,00
Tamjanika Special Selection 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)1850,00
Tri bele 0,75 (Winery Temet, Jagodina)2250,00
Harizma 0,75 (Winery Aleksandrović, Oplenac)2900,00
Traminac 0,75 (Winery Mačak, Irig)2450,00
Pinot Blanc 0,75 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)2250,00
Osam Tamburaša 0,75 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)2350,00


Alexandia Cuvee 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)2650,00
Rose Kiš 0,75 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)1650,00
Rose Petrović 0,75 (Winery Petrović, Sr. Karlovci)1350,00
Rose 0,75 (Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Subotica)2350,00
Varijanta 0,75 (Winery Aleksandrović, Oplenac)2350,00

Red wines

Bela voda 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)2650,00
Alexandria Cuvee 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)2650,00
Vranec Special Selection 0,75 (Winery Tikveš, Macedonia)1950,00
Cabernet sauvignon 0,75 (Winery Petrović, Sr. Karlovci)1250,00
Portugizer 0,75 (Winery Mačak, Irig)1950,00
Merlot 0,75 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)1450,00
Alma Mons 0,75 (Winery Belo Brdo, Čerević)2950,00
Crveni Zapis Bariqque 0,75 (Winery Janko, Smederevo)3450,00
Kadarka Fantazija 0,75 (Winery Tonković, Bački vinogradi)2350,00
Tri Morave Crveno 0,75 (Winery Temet, Jagodina)2350,00
Cab. Sauvignon Reserve 0,75 (Winery Radovanović, Krnjevo)4450,00
Aurelius 0,75 (Winery Kovačević, Irig)3200,00
Regent Reserve 0,75 (Winery Aleksandrović, Topola)3650,00
Rodoslov Reserve 0,75 (Winery Aleksandrović, Topola)7300,00

Dessert wines

Bermet white/red 0,5 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)1950,00
Bermet white/red 0,187 (Winery Kiš, Sr. Karlovci)650,00