Tastes are not supposed to be discussed. They should be experienced. Still, some stand above the others. We have selected traditional recipes and added our kitchen personality in all of them. For us food is much more then a meal. When you taste it, you will know why. Welcome and enjoy.

We recommend

Grilled trout 1kg2.800,00
Smoked trout 350gr 1650,00
Fried carp 1kg 2500,00
Tuna steak 1670,00
Sterlet 1kg 3800,00
Grilled perch 1kg 3300,00
Grilled catfish 1kg 3100,00
Pork legs for two persons 1750,00
Pork knuckle for one person 1230,00
Beef ribs with horseradish sauce 1150,00

Breakfast (08 - 11:30h)

Breakfast „SAT“ (eggs, grilled sausages, „feta“ cheese, tomato, mustard)360,00L, GF
Ham omelette(eggs, ham, sour milk cream, tomato)290,00L, GF
Cheese omelette(eggs, „trapist“ cheese, sour milk cream, tomato)290,00V, L, GF
Eggs with ham(eggs, homemade ham, sour milk cream, tomato)280,00L, GF
Eggs whit bacon(eggs, bacon, sour milk cream, tomato)280,00L, GF
„Sataras“ on our way(eggs, onion, bacon, sweet paprika, sour milk cream, tomato)330,00L, GF

Cold starters

„Sat’s“ snack 300gr(pork sausage, smoked pork neck, homemade ham, bacon, „feta“ cheese)940,00L, GF
Homemade ham on plateau 200gr(homemade ham, „kajmak“ cream)890,00L, GF
Cheese plateau 250gr(smoked cheese, smoked cheese with basil, smoked cheese with cayenne paprika, gorgonzola (blue cheese), „trapist“ cheese, olives)930,00L, GF

Soups and chowders

Homemade soup with noodles240,00
White veal chowder280,00
Tomato chowder with noodles260,00VEG

Hot starters

Breaded paprika with cheese(baked paprika, „feta“ cheese, french fries, tartar sauce)670,00L, V
Breaded cheese(„kackavalj“ cheese, french fries, tartar sauce)660,00L, V
Grilled mushrooms(mushrooms, rice)650,00VEG, GF

Fish specials

Fish stew(catfish, homemade noodles)850,00F
Grilled perch 1kg(dalmatian’s set)3400,00F, GF
Sterlet 1kg(dalmatinska garnitura)4500,00F, GF
Grilled trout 1kg(dalmatian’s set)2900,00F, GF
Fried carp 1kg(dalmatian’s set)2500,00F
Smoked trout 350gr(dalmatian’s set)1750,00F, GF
Smoked carp 1kg(dalmatian’s set)3700,00F, GF

House specialities

Pork legs for two persons(new potato, broccoli, sauce of the red vine and dark beer, horseradish, mustard)1920,00GF
Pork knuckle for one person(new potato, broccoli, sauce of the red vine and dark beer, horseradish, mustard)1320,00GF
Duck breast in raisins sauce(duck breast, new potatoes, raisins)1520,00GF
Wild boar ragout(wild boar meat, bread noodles)1740,00
Wild mushrooms mix ragout(wild mushrooms mix, grilled polenta)1180,00GF, VEG
Pork neck in pan juice(pork neck, potatoes)1230,00L
Beef ribs whit horseradish sauce(new potato, cherry tomato, horseradish sauce)1280,00L, GF

A la carte

Stuffed chicken „Sat“(chicken breasts stuffed with baked sweet paprika and cheese, rolled with bacon, peasant’s potato)970,00L, GF
Chicken breasts whit grilled vegetables(chicken breasts, zucchini, sweet paprika, mushrooms)870,00GF
Turkey „SAT“(turkey breasts, stuffed with almonds, new potatoes, sauce of apple and horseradish)1150,00GF, N
Turkey whit noodles in gorgonzola sauce1250,00L
„Vojvodina“ fillet with noodles(pork fillet in aromatic sauce with noodles)1200,00L
Minions with „kajmak“(pork fillet,rolled with bacon, „kajmak“,peasant’s potato)1020,00L
Beef steak Pepe Verde(aged beef steak with mix paprika sauce, grilled vegetables)1910,00L, GF
Beef steak „SAT“(aged beef steak with blue cheese sauce, grilled vegetables)1980,00L, GF
„KARAĐORĐE“ steak(pork chop stuffed with „kajmak“, french fries, tartar sauce)1080,00L
Wiener schnitzel(pork chop, french fries, tartar sauce)880,00
Fasting plate "Sat"(grilled vegetables, rice)640,00VEG


Mixed meat „SAT“ 600gr(rib eye steak, Serbian burger, minced meat rolls, skewers, grilled sausages, bacon, french fries, „ajvar“)1650,00
Serbian burger 300gr(beef, french fries „ajvar“)890,00
Gurman Serbian burger 300gr(bacon, onion, cheese, cayenne pepper, french fries, „ajvar“)960,00L
Minced meat rolls 300gr(beef, french fries, „ajvar“)890,00
Minced meat rolls 150gr(beef, french fries, „ajvar“)640,00
Fritters 300gr(bacon, onion, cheese, cayenne pepper, french fries, „ajvar“)960,00L
Grilled sausages 300gr(french fries, mustard)880,00
Rolled chicken skewers 300gr(chicken breasts rolled in bacon, french fries, „ajvar“)890,00

Main dish salads

Meal salad of Vojvodina(iceberg, ruccola, cherry tomatoes, apple, celery, carrot, homemade ham, walnuts)730,00N, GF
Chicken „Sat“ salad(iceberg, ruccola, cherry tomatoes, carrots, chicken breast, dressing)730,00GF
Beef steak salad(iceberg, ruccola, cherry tomatoes, carrots, „feta“cheese, beef steak, dressing)790,00GF

Salads (sides)

Tomato salad230,00
Tomato with „feta“ cheese260,00
Cucumber salad230,00
Cabbage salad230,00
Mixed salad(tomato, cucumber, cabbage)230,00
Mix lettuce salad(iceberg, ruccola, cherry tomato)340,00
„Sopska“ salad(tomatoes, cucumber, onion, „feta“ cheese)280,00L
Serbian salad(tomatoes, cucumber, onion, fresh spicy pepper)270,00
Fresh spicy pepper130,00
Spicy baked pepper150,00
Baked pepper250,00
„Tarator“ salad(cucumber in sour milk cream)260,00L
Homemade buns110,00


Tiramisu “SAT” 350,00
Cheese cake 370,00
Chocolate tarte 360,00
Vanila cream slice 350,00
Crepes (eurocrem, nuts, confiture, “plazma” bisquit)240,00
Ice cream 40gr 70,00

Side dishes

French fries 200gr270,00
New potato 200gr290,00
Rice 200gr250,00
Grilled vegetables 200gr(zucchini, sweet paprika, mushrooms)440,00
Olives 50gr150,00
Mayonese 50gr80,00
Tartar 50gr 80,00
Mustard 50gr80,00
Kajmak 120gr 210,00
Ajvar 50gr 120,00
Pavlaka 50gr 80,00

Agenda for allergens

GFgluten free